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At Least Lloyd Dobbler is Still in My Corner

June 13, 2010

Sounds like I’ve got the stuff… I just have to find my unique style. I’m still hopeful. Ps. Lloyd Dobbler is in the corner of the above photo. It’s not just an obscure reference to a fabulous movie.

The Colon

June 2, 2010

Typography is a designer’s most valuable tool. We are taught to admire it, notice the details, have a reason for it and most importantly follow the rules. As a recent graduate, I know that typography errors in my work are unacceptable; I will not be hired if I don’t turn my ligatures on, or leave [...]

I Just Couldn’t Wear a White Dress to Meg’s Wedding!

Isn’t it against the rules or something? I bought a white dress for a steal and decided to turn it green! Step 1 Buy a fabulous white dress Step 2-5 Pick a color, any color… How about Green? Boil water on stove, add dye and dress. Boil for 45 minutes. Step 6 Drain, rinse and [...]